Our experienced VFX supervisors work with filmmakers through the length of a project to deliver their creative vision.


The integrity of an idea lies in it’s foundation. We help you envision the multiple interpretations that your idea can have on artists. From there we build it together, one shot at a time.Storyboards, Animatics, Architectural Renders, Walkthroughs...

CG / Visual Effects

Our vast team of VFX artists can ensure timely delivery of your output.Chroma Keying, Rotoscoping, Compositing, Set Extension, Day to Night Conversion…

3D Animation

Anything you imagine can be modeled, rigged, animated, lighted and rendered by our skilled 3D artists.3D Character / Creature Animation, Dynamics, Fluid Simulation, Crowd Simulation, Landscape Rendering...

Motion Graphics

Do you have an Idea that you wish to tell through animated illustrations?Does your company require explainer video presentations to grab a viewer’s attention in the shortest possible time?2D Explainer Videos, Kinetic Typography, Minimalist Commercials...

Video Editing

Our experienced editors ensure that your idea is successfully narrated to your desired audience.


We are equipped with all the resources necessary to fulfil unique requirements and a wide range of projects.

Artist Database

We choose the right artist from our vast database of artists across the world.

Round The Clock

We provide dedicated 24x7x365 support for data management and reporting.

Content Security

Your content will always stay within the Mindstein Network.

Render Farms

We have self-sufficient render farms in three cities across India.