Maradona is a 2018 Indian Malayalam-language drama film written by Krishna Moorthy, and directed by Vishnu Narayan. Deepak D Menon is the cinematographer of the film, which is edited by Saiju Sreedharan. Maradona was produced by Mini Studio.

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About Project

Maradona features a total of about 25 minutes of creative VFX by Mindstein Studios.

VFX Highlights

A major portion of the film happens in the apartment complex at Bangalore. After the plates were filmed there for 3 days, the crew had moved to Thrissur in Kerala, where the filming continued with production set of 2 balconies. These balcony scenes were shot over 3 weeks.

Shots from the real apartment complex and shots from the replica production set had to blend well when mixed.

Apart from this requirement, the film also had several car travelling shots, which were shot in chroma mattes.


The shots taken on a replica set had to be composited over plates from the real apartment complex in Bangalore.
Due to a lack of continuity fog on the shooting location, the opening sequence of the film had to be treated with 3D fog. This process required detailed rotoscope and manual tracking of layers.
Day to Night conversions had to be done on several shots.

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