Nizhal is a 2021 Indian Malayalam-language mystery thriller film written by S. Sanjeev, and directed by Appu N. Bhattathiri. The film was produced by Anto Joseph Film Company and Melange Film House in association with Tentpole Movies. Deepak D Menon is the director of photography.

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About Project

Nizhal had about 12 minutes of visual effects by Mindstein Studios. This included several full CG shots, some fluid simulations, set extensions, matte paintings and chroma keying.

VFX Highlights

The opening shot is a 43 second long full CG shot. The opening scene required a sleepy frogmouth to be mildly disturbed by a violent car crash behind it. Uninterested, the bird yawns before going back to sleep again.


The scenes inside Sharmila’s apartment in the film was shot in a chroma matte studio. This is a shot from Sharmila’s balcony, where the blue matte was replaced with a plate of exterior view.
The film had about 15 minutes of car travel. The chroma keying of such scenes were executed and handed over by WeFX studios, after which comping was completed at Mindstein VFX.
Another crucial VFX bit from the film is the scene when the viewer is taken to a scene imagined by Sharmila. The background plate for this scene was created with still images.

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