Pathemari is a 2015 Malayalam-language period drama film written and directed by Salim Ahamed. It tells the story of Narayanan (Mammootty) who travelled to Dubai as a young boy during the 1960’s and spent half a century trying to earn a living there.

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About Project

Pathemari features VFX by Mindstein Studios.

VFX Highlights

The challenges in shooting these different time periods and locations, were resolved with the help of creative visual effects.


Some of Mammooty’s shots in the period-drama Pathemari were filmed on green matte.
Mammootty’s computer-generated face was replaced on a body double, for a lengthy shot in which the character lies inanimate. This was the first time that the national award winning actor was replaced with a digital avatar.
Boeing 707 fleet of Air India was discontinued after 1986. For this shot of Air India flight from Dubai landing in Bombay Airport, the flight and scene was digitally rendered.

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